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Trevor Hayward - Scorer of the Quarter March - May 2019

Hello, I’m Trevor. I moved from down south to Duncow just north of Dumfries in 2008 after retiring from too many years working in the computer services industry all over the UK and, briefly, in Europe, mainly visiting airports and hotel rooms!

Since moving to this beautiful part of the country I have made many new friends, finding the locals to be both very friendly and tolerant of us ‘incomers’.

My interests include photography, gardening and travel with my wife, Formula 1 (not taking part anymore) and of course a decent pint of beer. For exercise, apart from walking between pubs, I also try and play badminton once a week.

I don’t have a local as such but try to frequent as many real ale pubs, mainly in Dumfries, as I can. Since the latest round of bus timetable cuts this has become even more of a challenge.

Swannay Orkney IPA is probably my favourite beer of the moment, although if I can find it I slightly prefer their Orkney Blast. I was born in Kent so still like those beautifully hoppy and bitter Kentish ales such as Spitfire.

NEXT SCORER OF THE QUARTER FOR JUNE/JULY/AUGUST will be the member who submits the biggest spread of scores from our sub-branch pubs.

The Scorer of the Quarter (Dec, Jan,Feb) is .....Bryden Goldie

Hi my name is Bryden. I’m 72 years old and have lived in Dumfries all my life. I’m married with 2 sons the eldest of whom has just emigrated to Canada with our granddaughter. I worked for ICI/DuPont for 48 years until my retirement 7 years ago. My hobbies are walking, bowling and senior football – so called as we play at a sedate pace but slightly faster than walking. Although not my local my favourite pub is the Laurie Arms at Haugh of Urr – good food and the beer is is always in tiptop condition. When holidaying in this country we always try and stay somewhere with real ale or at least close to a real ale pub. Even abroad we have found a real ale microbrewery in Cyprus and a bar in Copenhagen serving British ales. A couple of ales I like are Timothy Taylors Ram Tam and Strathhavens Old Mortality although my tastes in ale are quite broad.

The Scorer of the Quarter (Sep, Oct, Nov) is.........Alan Gass

I didn`t set out to gain this distinction but as an ageing rambler, my group of friends and I regularly end up in real ale pubs, within our area, the Lake District or beyond. Putting a score in using WhatPub is easy. The trick is remembering to actually do it.

Real Ale and me As a lad in Dumfries, many moons ago, I was wont to enjoy a pint of Harp in the wee darts room downstairs in the Ship or a weekend lager and lime in the long bar in the County Hotel. I don`t quite know where my epiphany occurred but in the same establishments, the wee front bar this time in the County, I discovered the glories of real ale and have been hooked ever since.

How do I score? I am fairly conservative with my scoring and tend to give 2.5 out of 5 for beer that is alright, 3 for a good pint and 3.5 for one that makes me immediately want to stay and have another. I recently have given a couple of 4`s and the memories of the time, the place and the beers are vivid.

Favourite Beers I am happy with a wide range of types of beer, only turning up my nose at those that are excessively fruity or those with a tinny metallic over taste. To name but three, widely differing, favourites, I like Swannay`s Orkney IPA, Theakston`s Old Peculiar and Titanic Plum Porter. For these superb ales I can recall the times and places of my most recent enjoyable experiences.

Cheers, and please keep on putting your scores in!

The Scorer of the Quarter (Jun, Jul, Aug) was.........David Charnock

Hello, my name is David and let’s just say, I’m over 60. I moved to Dumfries and Galloway some 29 years ago (one of my better decisions) and since retiring (another good decision) I now occupy my time with the garden, woodworking and of course, real ale. I consider myself very lucky because the Laurie Arms, Haugh of Urr is my local, and therefore one of my three main interests is well catered for. Using travel around the UK as an excuse for a beer hunt is something I have always done, and having the Good Beer Guide downloaded onto my iPad has made this so much easier. I was recently asked which was my favourite beer, and to be honest I couldn’t narrow it down, it all depends on my mood, the weather and where I am. Fyne Ales Avalanche, Titanic Brewery’s Chocolate and Vanilla Stout and Ayr Brewing’s Fair Jenny’s Jig are all up there but there are others, some of which I just haven’t found yet