Meet the Committee

Chairman - Trevor Hayward

Hello, I’m Trevor. I moved from down south to Duncow just north of Dumfries in 2008 after retiring from too many years working in the computer services industry all over the UK and, briefly, in Europe, mainly visiting airports and hotel rooms!

Since moving to this beautiful part of the country I have made many new friends, finding the locals to be both very friendly and tolerant of us ‘incomers’.

My interests include photography, gardening and travel with my wife, Formula 1 (not taking part anymore) and of course a decent pint of beer. For exercise, apart from walking between pubs, I also try and play badminton once a week.

I don’t have a local as such but try to frequent as many real ale pubs, mainly in Dumfries, as I can. Since the latest round of bus timetable cuts this has become even more of a challenge. Swannay Orkney IPA is probably my favourite beer of the moment, although if I can find it I slightly prefer their Orkney Blast. I was born in Kent so still like those beautifully hoppy and bitter Kentish ales such as Spitfire.

Membership Secretary - Alan Gass

A Doonhamer, all my life so far, for the first seventy years at least, I am proud to live in such a pleasant and peaceful part of the world. My interests cover a range of sports, mainly associated with a round ball, and I have only recently taken a short break from indoor Senior Football at the Queen of the South Arena. I undertake modest hillwalking twice a month and try to ensure each trip culminates in visits to real ale pubs or beer festivals.

I retired from Local Government in April 2006 and enjoy a full and healthy social, family and home life. I live in Maxwelltown which unfortunately boasts no real ale pubs and causes me to walk across the River Nith whenever thirst-driven.

I joined CAMRA in the first few days after the millennium, having waited to see if we would all survive! I have served the sub-branch as a volunteer in all committee roles and currently look after our modest finances and act as Membership Secretary.

Pubs Database Co-ordinator - Keith Bruce

I am of Yorkshire origin but have been in Scotland since 1997, and in Kirkcudbrightshire since 2003. I aim to do some modest hillwalking twice a month with the objective that the day ends with a real ale pub.

I retired in 2017 to further enjoy "leisure time" with CAMRA, Rotary and Fairtrade - leisure I have found is limited!

I have served the sub-branch as a volunteer and do all that I can do to keep our pub records up to date.


Born and raised in to a traditional “chimney pot” pub in the town centre called Ye Olde Corner Cupboard I can always remember the first CO2 canister being put in to the cellar – for dispensing Skol2000 with the introduction of what my father assured me would be a passing short term fad, “girlie” drink- lager!! NB Direct quote from another lifetime!

All our beers up to that time were dispensed naturally and “topped” with air from what I can only imagine looked and sounded like an aeroplane engine – a 10 x minute blast before each session. The one benefit I do recall about this CO2 “torpedo” arriving – pipe cleaning (all lines were now inter-connected and could all be cleaned in an hour or two INSTEAD of individually with small ball bearings – think miniature metal marbles - to each individual beer pipe over a full 4+hours on a Sunday, when “pubs” were closed!!).

I joined CAMRA whilst at college in Edinburgh in the early 70s and basically having to drink ale in the Brewery Tap at Fountainhall or Belhaven ales realised the case of real beers being replaced by (petrol like) tanks and bright beer in what Michael Jackson (ie NOT the singer!) believed to be a brewing centre of the world was a major travesty.

A 15 year career with Bass both down south and in the US of A gave me a full appreciation of live beers even though 3 years trying to convince Americans to drink beer at cellar temperature failed miserably I realised that any publican that took their time and energy to provide a real live product instead of serving cold fizz deserved my appreciation and patronage.

Returning to the area and taking over a couple of hotels I based my business model around CAMRA and Tourist Board participation and even in a Real Ale desert like Dalbeattie I believe the 100% barrelage increase was purely due to local’s realisation that variety, consistency and choice of product was worth supporting.

Now “semi-retired” and working in a week what was once a daily shift I hope I can still assist in promoting the appreciation of ale. I realise every publican has their hands and time fully utilised but hope that any member in one of our region’s “GOOD BEER GUIDE” units noting that the CAMRA marketing material is looking depleted could advise the landlord OR contact me through this site as it is imperative we encourage membership and interest of this product before the choice disappears altogether.


An avid birder and lister since 1995, I've also surveyed species in various habitats for the RSPB, BTO etc. A defunct birding blog marked another interest in writing and has spawned a few books, one chronicling a 2008/2009 road trip through Australasia.

I'm writing novels too, a finished one being speculative fiction about bird flu(select a theme?). I'm reworking a second, more thriller like version of it. Also in progress are some science fiction, a sort of coming-of-age set in the 1960's and 70's and a volume of short stories.

My writing includes contributions to a few short films, for which I've been crew and actor.

Real ale is a good lubricant for the writing process (but not editing as Hemingway is alleged to have said) and a fine pub quite the inspiration.And no birding trip is really complete without a celebration(or commiseration ) pint!.